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There has never been a more important time for an informed
and balanced debate about the future of the automobile.
The forum for the automobile and society is the arena for that debate.

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The Forum

The Forum for the Automobile and Society (FAS), launched in 2004, is an arena for debate on mobility issues. The FAS is made up of industry, stakeholders and policymakers; it acts as a place to exchange information and views on pressing mobility concerns.

The Automobile today

Legislative and technological advances in environmental standards and safety mean that cars are cleaner and safer than ever before. Nevertheless, the role of the car is being fundamentally challenged and its contribution to economic and social life, and to mobility, is questioned. There has never been a more important time to ensure balanced and informed debate about the automobile.

A relevant agenda

By reflecting the broad common interests of different stakeholders within the automotive community, as well as accommodating their differences of opinion, the Forum is more than just a narrow sectoral voice. Relating discussion topics closely to current legislative issues and the concerns of legislators, meetings of the Forum offer a highly relevant agenda for Members of the European Parliament and other policymakers.

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Urban Mobility Event

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